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Re: [KLBC] -bogh thingie

> Hey, I've got another question about something that's not totally clear to 
> me yet, imagine that. :P
> I wanted to translate: "I think you know what I want to say". My guess 
> would be:
> vIjatlh vIneHbogh DaSov 'e' vIQub
> But I'm only saying that because I wanted to have tried, at least. I can't 
> imagine it being correct. Do you have any suggestions? Besides recasting I 
> mean, I know it's an complex sentence to begin with, but what if I really 
> wanted to say it like this.
> Dum`er
I'll leave it to the excellent BG to point out the specifics of your error here 
and to offer you a lesson to help you figure out how to do it better next time. 
I'm writing only because I know that several people will likely offer their 
version of how to say this interesting thing in Klingon, so why wait? This is 
only my style of doing this, but it is an example that is likely useful:

qechwIj vIQIjpu'be' 'ach DaSovlaw'.

If this is an emotional expression and not an intellectual one, replace {qech} 
with {tIq}.


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