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RE: [KLBC] comparing in tlhIngan Hol

> I want to ask a question about something that is still very unclear to me,

Sure, after all, you probably wouldn't ask a question about something that
was clear and understood by you.  :)

> namely, comparing in Klingon. There's the "A Q law' B Q puS" construction
> for "A is more Q than B", but what if I want to translate for instance:
> "My knowledge is greater [bigger] than ever."
> DaH SovwIj tIn law' ret SovwIj tIn puS

Using ret without a number is controversial.  Some people think it should
always have a number with it.  I usually preach that words like ben, ret,
etc, should use numbers, after all, klingons don't approximate; but I do
find myself sometimes breaking that.  Such words are listed simply as nouns.

Other usage that might give you ideas...

tlhIngan yoH law' Hoch yoH puS
"Klingon are the bravest of all"  (KGT p179)

But this refers to all OTHERS; were as "My knowledge is greater than ever"
is comparing your knowledge to itself at an earlier state.  Which is why you
chose ret.

DloraH, BG

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