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RE: how to say completely

> I don't feel comfortable with using {chu'} to fulfill this gap,
> since it's a type 6 suffix, and
> although one of its meanings is "perfectly", it's quite clearly
> written (TKD p. 39) that this
> suffix shows how sure the speaker is about what is being said,
> and I would understand
> from this that it has nothing to do with the intensity of the action.
> But the examples of the usage of this suffix contradict this:
> jIyajchu' - "I understand clearly" instead of "it's clear that I
> understand"
> baHchu' - "he fired perfectly" instead of "it's perfectly clear
> that he fired"

KGT 49, Suvchu' ("fight perfectly") is "fight to the death." ... HeDchu'
("retreat perfectly") means simply that there is a full withdrawal; ...

DloraH, BG

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