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how to say completely

From: "Clayton Rodrigo Cardoso" <>
: I'd like to receive opinions and suggestions about this.

>things (II):
>(every) Hoch paq - all the books

I believe {Hoch paq} means "each/every book".
For "all the books" you need {Hoch paqmey}.

This list might also include (emphatic) {Hochlogh} - all times, always

>(question) (???) - how certainly

If some event has already been mentioned I'd say of one the following:
   DIch Daghaj'a'?
   bIna''a' - slang for "Are you sure?"
   qIt'a' wanI'vam?
   DuH'a' wanI'vam?

Perhaps your list could include:
{'Iq} - be too much, be too many (nuv 'Iq)
{tlhoS} - almost, nearly, virtually, not quite
{tlhoy} - overly, to an excessive degree
{yap} - be enough, be sufficient (paq yap)

>(question) (???) - how
I believe in some contexts {chay'} might do the job.

>"how tasty is your food"
What about:
DuQ'a' SojlIj?
'ey'a' SojlIj?
jej'a' pach?


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