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Be careful about your uppercase and lowercase letters.

> DloraH
> SuvwI'
> Hosghaj; mupwI' rur
> Te Raku Vavvoy: jatyIn loDnal

vavoy "daddy" (2 v, not 3)
I would have expected a , instead of a :

> pInaDqu' tuqlIj wInaDqu' je

je is used to join nouns.  To join sentences you want to use 'ej.
je goes after all the nouns you are joining.
'ej goes between the sentences you are joining.

pInaDqu' 'ej tuqlIj wInaDqu'

Good job on the prefixes.

> bomDI' 'IwwIj qaqaw
> yin nI' dayin jaj; bangwI'

"May (something happen)" is a suffix.  -jaj would get attached to the verb.

If any punctuation were in this sentence, I would use a , instead of ;

> Hovmey Davan
> tlhIngan SoH
> reH

reH shouldn't be sitting alone, but you told me this was poetry, so I guess
we can allow it.

Overall, you did very good.  Only a few errors.  But most important, it was

SEI:  Sovbe'bogh tlhIHvaD jIjatlh, wa'Hu' wa'ben  munay jatyIn.

DloraH, BG

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