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Re: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

From: "Sean Healy" <>
> Well, Allah is seen as a proper noun now (after over 1300 years), but it
> would be similar to calling a god in English 'Thegod'.  It's the definite
> article plus the noun, al lah.  And if that can be a proper noun, why
> 'Greatgod', or {Qun'a'}?

I suppose it can, but so can "Washing Machine," if you use it as such.

It would seem, from what Okrand said, that /Qun'a'/ is NOT used as a proper
noun by Klingons.  Using /Qun'a'/ to refer to, say, the Christian God is
about the same as using /Duj/ to refer to a "car."  Yeah, we humans will get
it, but a Klingon would probably require an explanation about your
nonstandard usage.

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