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RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

>When it comes to human words for gods, then nearly all of them have real
>names. Allah is a proper noun and the name of the Islamic god, Jehovah
>is a proper noun and the name of the Jewish/Christian god (based on the
>Hebrew I think), and so on with other religions. Therefore if you want
>to reference a particular god, use its name, don't use a generalized
>word like "god". Most religions consider their god(s) to be THE god(s).
>So if I walk up to a Hindu and say, "I worship god" they might think of
>a different god from the one I mean. :)

Well, Allah is seen as a proper noun now (after over 1300 years), but it 
would be similar to calling a god in English 'Thegod'.  It's the definite 
article plus the noun, al lah.  And if that can be a proper noun, why can't 
'Greatgod', or {Qun'a'}?

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