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Re: If Marc Okrand weren't here (was: Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned ear...

> In a message dated 3/13/2002 4:50:42 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
> writes:
> > It's Maltz we have to worry about.  He's the one who provides the new 
> > words.  But if anything happened to Marc, would Maltz co-operate with 
> > anyone else?  Personally, I hope that Marc Okrand lives a long and healthy 
> > life, and has dealt with this issue in his will.
> > 
> nI'jaj matlh yIn MO yIn je.  qen law'choHmo' Qo'noS SuchwI'pu', chaq mu'mey 
> ghojlaH.  (CKmo' PKmo' De'vam vISov.)  'ach rojchuqbe'chugh tlhIngan wo' 
> yuQjIjQa' je, chay' maruch?
> peHruS

nap. maghoqnISba'.


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