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Re: If Marc Okrand weren't here (was: Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned ear...

lab yemQo'yaD:
>How will we get new words if something (and I hope it doesn't) happens to MO?

lab Qov:
>It's Maltz we have to worry about.  He's the one who provides the new 
>words.  But if anything happened to Marc, would Maltz co-operate with 
>anyone else?  Personally, I hope that Marc Okrand lives a long and healthy 
>life, and has dealt with this issue in his will.

ghItlhvam vIlaDDI', Esperanto vIqel.  HeghDI' Zamenhof, qaS nuq?  mu'mey chu' 
chenmoHtaH Esperanto jatlhwI'pu' 'e' vISov, 'ach Esperanto jatlhlu'taHvIS, 
ngeD 'e' vIQoypu'.  rurchuq'a' cha' wanI'meyvam?

My first thought when I read this post was of Esperanto.  What happened when 
Zamenhof died?  I know Esperantists have continued making new words, but on 
the other hand, I hear that Esperanto makes that pretty easy.  Are there any 
parallels to be drawn to what might happen with Klingon?


p.s. Man, what a morbid topic.

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