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RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

> We know that the Klingon language is short and to the point, just using
> a proper noun seems to fit that idea perfectly, due to the fact that
> using Qun, Qun'a', QunHom, Qunna', Qunbej, etc will just confuse the
> person you are talking about. If someone said to me:
> yIn Qunna' 'e' vIHar. bIHar'a'?
> I would have to answer with:
> Qunvam yIngu'!
> And then your back to using the proper noun anyway. So wouldn't a
> Klingon just go ahead and use it to start off with?
> qurgh

In the setting you just described, sure, use the name.  I was thinking about
how one would describe how the god in question fit into the bigger picture.
If a group was discussing Greek mythology, one could use the suffixes when
introducing the gods.  Another example, in ghIlghameS there is HanIS and
Sullat, each listed as a minor weather deity, the two being heralds of the
Storm God, 'aDaD.  In the story they are simply referred to by their names;
but to explain who they are, one might use -Hom.


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