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wej and -be' (was RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?))

Hehe, that exactly what I was thinking.

Dochvam vIparbe' 'ach Dochvam vIparHa'be'

I don't dislike that thing, but I don't like it either

We have seen -qu' and be' together, and -Ha' and qu' together, so I
don't see any problem with -Ha' and -be' (and -qu' if you want to go the
whole nine yards)

vIparHa'be'qu' - I really do not like it (but I still don't dislike it)

Which makes me think of something else, how does wej operate with verbs
with -be' in them.

wej qaSbe' - "It has not yet not occurred" or "It has not yet occurred"?

Do the "not"s stack up or do they negate each other?


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> Subject: RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)
> > Qunpu' vIparHa'be'. (is that a word?)
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> > qurgh
> It looks like you thought in english "I do not like.."; You took the
> parHa'/like and added -be' to negate it.  In klingon one would start
> dislike/par.  But of course, just because you don't like something
> have to mean that you dislike it.  You could have no opinion about the
> subject.
> We do have canon in TKD with multiple rovers; altho I didn't see any -
> Ha'be'
> combinations.
> DloraH, BG

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