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RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)

I don't see Zeus as any more godlike than any other god. In my eyes
every god is the same. 

I revert back to my original argument of just using the name of the god
instead of fussing with words that are not accurate and rely on more
information on the person you are talking to.

We know that the Klingon language is short and to the point, just using
a proper noun seems to fit that idea perfectly, due to the fact that
using Qun, Qun'a', QunHom, Qunna', Qunbej, etc will just confuse the
person you are talking about. If someone said to me:

yIn Qunna' 'e' vIHar. bIHar'a'?

I would have to answer with:

Qunvam yIngu'!

And then your back to using the proper noun anyway. So wouldn't a
Klingon just go ahead and use it to start off with?


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> Subject: RE: god (was: Re: a word is needed?)
> > /Qun'a'/ is simply the word for a particularly great and powerful
> > There is no implication anywhere of exclusivity.
> When I see Qun'a' I think of Zeus, he is above the other gods.
> When trying to say something like "the true god" you could try Qunna'.
> It's
> not perfect either, but so far only -'a' and -Hom have been mentioned.
> DloraH

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