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Re: jIH vIchuHlu' - Words mentioned earlier but not in the

From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> IF Okrand "examined to verify something is as represented" and it was
> published as such, I would again ask the list if that meant it was
> considered canon by the KLI.. If I don't who else can someone ask for
> like that.

I think the only voices who can really speak for the KLI here are Mark and
Lawrence.  The rest of us can only give our opinions.  And my opinion is
that "What is canonical?" is a fuzzy enough issue that some personal
judgement is necessary.  Do YOU feel that the novel's word list should be
used in YOUR writing or speech?  How are you going to deal with the fact
that some people may not be aware of the novel's vocabulary?

The KLI's purpose is explained on its website: The "bringing together
individuals interested in the study of Klingon linguistics and culture, and
providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas."  It is not the
arbiter of what is and is not correct Klingon, nor are any of its members.
This mailing list has a number of Grammarians -- these people are recognized
as having exceptional skill in the language.  As stated in the list's FAQ:
"The Grammarians are here to help, mainly by offering their insight and
expertise with Klingon, and to keep discussion on-point. Rarely will a
Grammarian make a heavy-handed judgement; more often, they will offer advice
and direction. The role of the Grammarian was created to allow some
'official' view of correct use of Klingon on the list."

I call on all Grammarians to heed this description, and try to live by it.
Help, do not hinder.  I call on everyone else to think freely about
Klingon -- do not let anyone dictate how you are to study or use it.  The
KLI and this list are tools for you to take advantage of, not enforcers of

Stardate 2196.1

P.S.: In my opinion, unless Marc Okrand goes and writes it himself, I'm not
inclined to have it on any "official" word list.  Marc has more fans than
just the KLI, and doesn't need us tracking his every move in the language.
Marc's stance is clearly that he has built an arena in which people may
enjoy themselves, and if it works for you then it works.  Some people may
find that some things work that the KLI doesn't agree with, and that doesn't
make these people wrong.  If Marc says, "That's okay," it makes those people
right in their own contexts, but that doesn't mean it belongs on a
KLI-maintained list of "official" words.

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