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cheb'a' in New Words List

Okay, so it gnawed at me, so I searched for {cheb'a'} and found the Bird of 
Prey poster reference that was already right there in front of me in the mail, 
but I didn't recognize it. If 375,000 cheb'a' = 8.7KT and 5 pounds = 1 cheb, 
then there are somewhere between 8.165 and 9.26 cheb in one cheb'a', depending 
on how you do the math. The numbers definitely don't quite mesh, and one is 
highly tempted to say it's 9 cheb = 1 cheb'a'.

Of course, Okrand is never going to give us exact, accurate numbers...

So, I fudged it and put it in the New Words list. It's not really all that much 
less accurate than the REST of the units of measurement we have, after all.


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