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KLBC: Higher numbers

I was writing a perl program to turn base 10 numbers into Klingon 
phrases, so I inspected the canon for what Okrand calls "higher numbers" 
(TKD p54).

For the first time, I was bothered by this entry on the Bird of Prey poster:
{wejvatlh SochmaH vagh SaD cheb'a'
mey ngI' Duj}

Is he saying "The ship weighs 375,000 {cheb'a'}s" ?

If the number is 375,000, doesn't TKD indicate that the number phrase 
should be {wejbIp Sochnetlh vaghSaD} ?
That's what me and my little program agree upon, at least.

Sorry if this has all been hashed out before-- I don't know when the 
poster came out, so I don't know where to look in the month/year archives.

Another question: do we really have no number-forming elements higher 
than 'million'-- {'uy'} ?

If so, do we have any non-canonical conventions, like 'thousand 
million', 'million million', etc.


BTW- I'm not going to ask anyone to add {cheb'a'} to the new words list ;-)

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