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RE: ghojmoH

> How about teaching someone to do something?  This is a problem I came
> recently, trying to say "I taught the children how to paint."
> This was what I came up with:
> puqpu' vIghojmoHmo' DIjlaH chaH.  "The children are able to paint
> because I taught them."
> Could you also say this?:
> DIjlaHmeH puqpu', chaH vIghojmoH.  "In order that the children be able to
> paint, I taught them."
> If they both seem correct, which do you all think would be more easily
> understood?  Are there better ways to say it?

They are both correct.  To me, each has a slight different emphasis.
The first focuses a little more on the fact that they can paint (use a paint
stick).  The second focuses a little more on the fact that I am teaching
them.  I'm sure others will see them differently than I; but this is all
getting down to nit picky, subtle differences in meaning.  When said in
conversation and not much thought is put into it, they both say the same

DloraH, BG

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