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Re: ghojmoH

DloraH wrote:
>The way I would write it is -
>qaghojmoH.  mu' chu' Daghoj.
>"I will cause you to learn.  You will learn a new word."

How about teaching someone to do something?  This is a problem I came across 
recently, trying to say "I taught the children how to paint."  This was what 
I came up with:

puqpu' vIghojmoHmo' DIjlaH chaH.  "The children are able to paint because I 
taught them."

Could you also say this?:

DIjlaHmeH puqpu', chaH vIghojmoH.  "In order that the children be able to 
paint, I taught them."

If they both seem correct, which do you all think would be more easily 
understood?  Are there better ways to say it?


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