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Re: DIvI' Hol mu' "vetted"

lab Sengval

 > I've heard the word "vetted" a few times. It obviously
 > means something like "authorize". But where does it come from?
 > I thought maybe it was short for something. My English
 > dictionary tells me that it comes from "veterinarian".
 > Can this be right, or am I dealing with two different words?

mung Dangu'chu'pu'.

When one is buying a horse, one arranges with the seller to take it to a 
veterinarian, who examines it and reports on whether its condition is as 
reported by the seller.  Typically the buyer pays for the examination if 
the horse is as advertised, and the seller pays if the vet reports the 
horse broken winded or spavined or otherwise unfit.  Buying a horse used to 
be a standard activity, so nowadays when someone buys a car or an airplane 
and takes it to a mechanic for the same treatment, formally called a 
prepurchase inspection, we say the prospective purchase is being 
vetted.  Likewise, when what appears to be a new Klingon word surfaces, 
bringing it to Marc to have him proclaim it real or wrong gets that name.

Duj Daje'chugh, ngevwI' tI'wI' motlh yIlo'Qo'!  ngoDvam yajlaH Hoch 'e' 
vIHar, 'ach Duj je'taHvIS pInwI', ngevwI' tI'wI' voq.  puvchoH .... QapHa' 
chIjmeH janmey, QuQDaq Qargh lutu', tlhoS Dej tlhuQ.  MontrealDaq ratlhtaH Duj.

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