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Re: DIvI' Hol mu' "vetted"

*	From: <> 
> jatlh qe'San:
> > I would suspect it likely that most if not all original
> > words are penned by the author but if MO vetted it, 
> > has he thereby made it canon.

> rut mu' "vetted" vIQoypu'.  "authorize" rurba'.  'ach nuq 
> 'oH mu' mung'e'?  chaq mu' poD 'oH 'e' vIQub.  mu' 
> "veterinarian" 'oH mungDaj'e' 'e' muja' DIvI' Hol mu'ghomwIj.
> qarlaH'a', pagh cha' mu' pIm bIH'a'?
> I've heard the word "vetted" a few times.  It obviously 
> means something like "authorize".  But where does it come from?
> I thought maybe it was short for something.  My English 
> dictionary tells me that it comes from "veterinarian". 
> Can this be right, or am I dealing with two different words?
Well it does mean that but the appropriate meaning in this case

v. vetĚted, vetĚting, vets 
v. tr. 
	To subject to thorough examination or evaluation: vet a manuscript. 

(Courtesy of

> -Sengval

This word is also often used to refer to the process of assessing a persons
clearance level in the Government etc.


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