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DIvI' Hol mu' "vetted"

jatlh qe'San:
>I would suspect it likely that most if not all original words are penned by
>the author but if MO vetted it, has he thereby made it canon.

rut mu' "vetted" vIQoypu'.  "authorize" rurba'.  'ach nuq 'oH mu' mung'e'?  
chaq mu' poD 'oH 'e' vIQub.  mu' "veterinarian" 'oH mungDaj'e' 'e' muja' 
DIvI' Hol mu'ghomwIj.  qarlaH'a', pagh cha' mu' pIm bIH'a'?

I've heard the word "vetted" a few times.  It obviously means something like 
"authorize".  But where does it come from?  I thought maybe it was short for 
something.  My English dictionary tells me that it comes from "veterinarian". 
 Can this be right, or am I dealing with two different words?


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