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Re: Armpit Revisions

>It sounds like several people remember the incident.  You were sitting in a
>circle and talking about the word for "armpit."  MO caused everybody to 
>by declaring the word {'I'} to be "armpit," right there on the spot.  I was
>not there.  So, my question is:  where did the story of Hokey Pokey come

Later on at the same qep'a', they were doing the Hokey Pokey (I was just 
standing by -- I hate the Hokey Pokey!), using Klingon body part words (but 
singing the rest in English), and a bunch of us shouted /'I'/.  This brought 
lots of laughs, because it was AFTER the "discovery" of the word.

Stardate 2179.5

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