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RE: Armpit Revisions

From: David Trimboli [] 
Later on at the same qep'a', they were doing the Hokey Pokey (I was just

standing by -- I hate the Hokey Pokey!), using Klingon body part words
singing the rest in English), and a bunch of us shouted /'I'/.  This
lots of laughs, because it was AFTER the "discovery" of the word.

There's another story that I seem to remember from that same qep'a'.  I
don't remember if it was before or after the "discovery", I think it was
after everyone had learned the story, but before the conversation with
Okrand.  We were playing a word association game (like $25,000 Pyramid)
and the word was noSvagh.  'I' was burning through the minds of everyone
in the audience.  Perhaps it wouldn't have been legal, though, if it
wasn't a "real" word yet.


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