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Re: All of us... again

>We've discussed how to render the idiomatic "all of us" and "all of them" 
>before, with no consensus.  (This is not a problem in the 2nd person, as we 
>have {tlhIH} "all of you, you all".)  IIRC there are three factions: ?{Hoch 
>maH}, ?{maH Hoch}, and a few who even suggest using {Hoch} alone with a 1st 
>person plural prefix:

nuqjatlh?  <tlhIH> lo'lu'DI', ghom naQ ja'nISbe'lu'.  ghom ja'nISlu' neH.

TKD, p. 51:
tlhIH    you (plural)

yItu': "you all" bIHbe' mu'mey.

ghommeyvaD qIv vIwavchugh, jIjatlh: <<ghom wa' tlhIH, 'ej ghom cha' tlhIH, 
'ej ghom wej tlhIH.>>  qIv naQ vIja'be'.  wa' 'ay' vIja', ghIq latlh 'ay' 
vIja', ghIq latlh 'ay' vIja'.

latlh "canon" tu'lu''a'?

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