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HolQeD #42

The June 2002 issue of HolQeD has been delivered to the printer. I think it's 
one of our better issues (though obviously I'm biased). Contents include new 
vocabulary from Maltz, and a rather impressive article about Klingon affixes. 

If your membership has run out, this would be a good time to visit the KLI's 
website and renew. If you've never been a member, this would be a good time 
to join up.

taHjaj wo',


P.S. Just a reminder, the deadline for making your qep'a' hotel reservations 
is June 30th. The deadline for qep'a' Registration is still July 15th, as is 
the deadline for Supporting Membership. Even if you cannot attend the qep'a' 
in person, a supporting membership at least gets you the official t-shirt!

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