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Re: Headers. Yet again.

qon ghunchu'wI':
>Andrew, tlhIngan potlhmey DabuSHa'ba'.  mu'tlhegh Qatlh DamuSHa'law', 'ach
>bIQumchu' 'e' lunISqu'.  wa' potlh yIqaw:  "Straightforwardness".  pIj
>Huvbe' qechmeylIj, botmo' qevbogh mu'meylIj, taHqu'bogh mu'tlheghmeylIj je.

chay' Huv pagh Huvbe' qechmey? {{:-)

But seriously, you bring up some valid points. Everytime I return to heavy 
list participation, I have to readjust. My tlhIngan Hol is very murky for the 
first few days, but I think it's starting to clear up.

On the one hand, I agree that I should change how I currently write. But on 
the other hand, I am skeptical of simplifying all across the board. I'm as 
interested as you in communication, so I'll work thru that. But I would ask 
that you not condemn any single sentence for being difficult. After all 
difficulty is entirely relative.

I am told repeatedly that I would not understand Klingon of equal complexity 
to my own if composed by someone else. But, how do you know? :) When I first 
started reading Nick's Klingon, I was completely baffled by it. Now it's 
almost perfectly intelligible to me. So, which one of us do you think changed?

Actually, I don't know why I'm here right now. I probably should be paying 
more attention to non-Klingon affairs....... but I'm not. Oh well. :)

Andrew Strader

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