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Re: Hol ghojlu''a'?

>> >> Hol wIlo'qu'taHvIS 
>> >"While we very much use language, 
>> -qu' does not mean "very much", but indicates emphasis (see TKD 4.3).
>I have no problem with people translating -qu' as "very much", MO does it 
>himself.  I admit it seems a bit ackward sometimes.  "Really" can be used 
>also; "While we really use language..."  How would YOU show -qu' in english?

-qu' does not JUST mean "very much". Indeed it is ambiguous. When attempting 
a translation of my text, charghwI' just happened to interpret my -qu' in 
such a way that his English version sounded really bad, seemingly to 
demonstrate how poor my Klingon was -- because he couldn't translate it well 
into English(?) But just in case his interpretation was accidental, I gave a 
reference in TKD to examples of the emphatic function of -qu'. Other examples 
include PK's "naDev Dochvetlh qemqu'".

Andrew Strader

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