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Re: Vaj'Hom

>No no no!!!  List usage is NOT an appropriate guide for understanding
>Klingon!  The way Klingons use the language is to be our guide, not how WE
>use it.  An anthropologist worth his salt wouldn't base his research on a
>culture on how his own culture interprets it!  To try to piece together how
>Klingon works, we must analyze Okrandian canon, because as the fiction 
>all of it came from Klingon informants.

Would a Spanish grammar teacher in Argentina base her lessons on the 
patterns of Spain, when the majority of her kids are never going to get 
there?  Or would she rather teach them Spanish as it is spoken by the 
community they live in, the community they must interact with?

Obviously, this analogy is not going to hold completely, since the list is 
not a community of native speakers.  But it is a community of spekaers, and 
how will it help my communication to use a language feature that I believe 
is defensible from the point of view of Okrandian canon, when I know the 
list is going to misinterpret it?  That is my point.

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