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Re: Name translation

Kiba Daiichi wrote:
 >> How about just going word for word? "Wood" then "Meadow"?

>"wood meadow"  Sor Hap yotlh  ~ "tree matter field (of land)"
>Sor Hap is "wood", but if you prefer, Sor is "tree", and ngem is "forest,
>Sor yotlh  "field of the tree", "field of trees", "the tree's field"
>yotlh Sor  "tree of the field", "trees of the field", etc
>ngem yotlh  "field of the forest", etc.

 >> My name means "Wooden Meadow".

As others have pointed out, in English a meadow is "land in, or 
predominantly in, grass; especially a tract of moist low-lying usually 
level grassland" (according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate 
Dictionary).  I.e. no trees; thus it cannot be wooden.  To complicate 
matters, we don't have a Klingon word for "grass".  The closest I can think 
of is the *very* general {tI} "vegetation".

I don't know Japanese, but by "wooden meadow" do you mean a grove, i.e. "a 
small wood without underbrush (e.g. a picnic grove)"?  If so, the 
diminutive of {ngem} "forest" is perfect: *{ngemHom}.

Rather than translate, why not transliterate your name: {qIba'}, {qIba}, 
{qI'ba'}, {qI'ba}, {qIyba'}, {qIyba}, {qIy'ba'}, {qIy'ba}, etc.  Choose 
whichever sounds best to your ears.

Another option is to consider this as an opportunity to re-invent 
yourself.  Make up a new, Klingon-sounding name totally unrelated to 
real-life.  For example, my own Klingon name is Voragh, which as far as I 
know doesn't mean anything.  I simply combined the names of two Klingon 
characters from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes - Vagh and Moragh.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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