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Re: the banned book / BG

HetaQ is the author of the book. I used <SuvwI'meychaj> to try to imply
"Warriors' scattered-all-about posssession"
perhaps that wasn't the correct usage. Should I have used the <-vaD>
suffix to mean "intended for warriors all-around"?

Stephan Schneider wrote:

> >HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' SuvwI'meychaj  malja'.
> qayaj vInIDmeH, tlhIngan Hol vIghoj.
> i'm trying to understand your dialogues in order to learn klingon.
> what is "HetaQ"? and why do you say "SuvwI'meychaj" instead of
> "SuvwI'pu'chaj" (and why there is no "cha'" in klingon)?
> stephan,
> sts.

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