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Re: the banned book

stephan wrote:
>>HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' SuvwI'meychaj  malja'.
>i'm trying to understand your dialogues in order to learn klingon. what is 
>"HetaQ"? and why do

HetaQ is the fan name of the author and, therefore, not listed in the 
glossaries of TKD or KGT.  {Hetaq paq} = "He'Tok's book".

>you say "SuvwI'meychaj" instead of "SuvwI'pu'chaj"

Cf. TKD (p. 23f.):

   [The suffix {-mey}] can also be used with nouns referring to beings
   capable of using language (those nouns which take {-pu'}). When it is
   so used, it adds a notion of "scattered all about" to the meaning.
   Compare: {puq} "child", {puqpu'} "children", {puqmey} "children all
   over the place".

>(and why there is no "cha'" in klingon)?

Because {-chaj} "their" has no variant for nouns "capable of using 
language".  This variation occurs *only* in the first and second persons - 
e.g. {-maj}/{-ma'} "our", {-lIj}/{-lI'} "your", etc. - not in the 
third.  Okrand added a few irregularities to tlhIngan Hol to make it feel 
more "natural".  It's one of those exceptions that you've just got to 
learn.  (It fooled me too when I was first learning Klingon!)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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