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Wooden Meadow (was RE: Name Translation)

> >possible, to translate one's name using the latter method, could one
> you
> >help me translate my name? My name means "Wooden Meadow". Thank you.
> {Sor Hap} is "wood", means literally "tree matter".
> But I know nothing for "meadow", only {SuD} "green" :-(
> other suggestions will probably appear :-)
> Lieven.

Hmm, I read this and thought I would give it a go, and then I started to
examine the phrase "wooden meadow"...

Now a meadow is a field, but to me is brings to mind a small quiet
pretty field, with small animals and a light breeze. This is much more
than just a field.

Then when I move onto the full "wooden meadow" my mind goes wonky. This
brings to mind a small quiet pretty field... made of wood. 

So I would translate the concept with something along the lines of:

Sor Hap 'oHbogh yotlhHom tam'e'

A quiet smaller field that is wood. 

I wanted to use something like "made of" but I couldn't fine a word that

Any other ideas?


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