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Re: Name Translation

Am 16.06.2002 04:21:40, schrieb "Kiba Daiichi" <[email protected]>:

>Hi. I'm new to this e-mailing group, and I was wondering if it makes more 
>sense to translate my name into tlhIngan Hol using just the "sounds" and 
Well, That depends on what your names sounds like, I think many people would say it different.
I would pronounce it *qeyba' DayI'chI'*
That reminds me only of
{QIb'a'} "the big shadow" :-)

>possible, to translate one's name using the latter method, could one of you 
>help me translate my name? My name means "Wooden Meadow". Thank you.

{Sor Hap} is "wood", means literally "tree matter".
But I know nothing for "meadow", only {SuD} "green" :-(

other suggestions will probably appear :-)


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