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Re: syntax

qon SuStel ['e' maq Andrew Strader]:
>Perhaps using {-Daq} on a following ordinal, which occupies the same
>position as a modifying quality - e.g. {veng wa'DIch}, {veng tInqu'} - is a
>variant of this rule.  It may feel more natural for Klingons to put these
>particular noun suffixes on the modifier, even if it isn't a noun.  Put
>them on the entire noun + modifier phrase in other words:  {[veng
>wa'DIch]Daq}, {[veng tInqu']Daq}, etc.

mu'tlheghmeyvam vIqonbe' jIH 'a jIQochbe' je.  :)

Stardate 2452.7

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