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Critical (glottal) Stop

In preparing my vocabulary lists, I have been searching for word pairs in
which a glottal stop (') is a single distinguishing point.  It is far too
easy for me to miss the stop unless I give it a bit of "special attention".
This is the list I've compiled - Are there any others I may have missed?
bey  (howl, wail)            bey' (ceremonial display)
cha  (torpedoes)            cha' (show, display project as a verb, two as a
Da   (behave, act in the manner of)    Da' (corporal)
Do   (velocity)               Do'  (be fortunate, be lucky, luckily as an
Duy (agent, emissary)    Duy' (defect as the noun, be defective as the verb)
gho (circle, hoop)           gho'  (step on)
ghu (baby)                    ghu'  (situation)
He (course, route)         He' (smell, emit odor)
Hu (zoo)                       Hu' (get up as a verb, days ago as a noun)
je (and, also, too)           je' (buy, purchase or feed someone else)
jo (resources)                jo' (machinery)
lu (fall, suffer loss of status)  lu' (Okay, I will - exclamantion)
maw (to offend)                        maw' (be crazy)
may (be fair)                 may' (battle, individual battle)
nay  (marry, womans part)   nay' (course, dish)
paw  (arrive)                 paw' (collide, regional butt heads)
po  (morning)                po'  (be expert, skilled)
ro  (trunk of body)         ro' (fist)
Saw (marry mans part) Saw' (have a depth of)
ta (record)                    ta' (emperor, accomplishment, to accomplish)
tay (be civilized, a ceremony, rite or ritual)    tay' (be together)
tey (to scrape)               tey' (to confide, cousins, niece or nephews)
tI  (vegetation)              tI'  (to fix or repair)
vay (midlevel fight or battle)  vay' someone, somebody, anyone, anything)
yay (victory, triumph)     yay' (be shocked, dumbfounded)
yu (first and last muscial scale tone)  yu' (to interrogate, question)
'uy (press down)           'uy' (nuber forming element for million)
   Just hoping to get them all down before qep'a'!

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