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predicate vs. object

jatlh peHruS:

> The prepositional phrases 
> known as locatives are part of the predicate (in English, aka object).  

'ay' cha' ghaj DIvI' Hol mu'tlhegh: <subject> <predicate> je.  <objects> 
ghajlaH <predicates>: <direct object>, <indirect object>, <prepositional 
object> joq.  wot ghaj <predicate>.  wot ghajbe' <object>.  vaj <object> 
'oHbe'bej <predicate>'e'.  

[a sentence in english has two parts: subject and predicate.  predicates can 
have objects:  direct, indirect, prepositional.   a predicate has a verb.  an 
object doesn't have a verb.  so predicate is NOT aka object.]

lay'tel SIvten

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