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subjectless verbs (was: matlhHa'ghach)

ghItlh Andrew Strader (Mon, 10 Jun 2002):
: lut naQ vIja'meH loQ *Qatlhpu'*
(It has been a little difficult for me to tell the whole story)

ghItlh charghwI' (Tue, 11 Jun 2002):
: batlh vangnISlu'taH. *ngeD*.
(One needs to continue acting honorably. It is easy)

naDev wot {SIS} luDalaw' wotmey {Qatlhpu'} {ngeD} je. wotmeyvam tlha' pagh 
DIp. vangwI' 'oSbogh DIp'e' luHutlh mu'tlhegmey vIqeltaHbogh.

The highlighted verbs {Qatlhpu'} and {ngeD} lack explicit subjects, as is 
often the case with {SIS}.

toH, wa' qech QummeH wej mIwmey DIghaj'a'? chay' pIm mIwmeyvam?

So, can the following be regarded as stylistic variants of the same basic 
idea? What is the difference?

     "It was difficult for me to obtain information. "
         #1: Qatlh De' vISuqta'meH Qu'.
         #2: De' vISuqta'meH Qatlh.
         #3: De' vISuqta'. Qatlh.

jIlughchugh, wotmeyvam rurbogh latlh wotmey'e' tIngu'! {DuH} {qIt} je 
vIqellI' jIH.

If I'm correct, what other verbs can be used without overt subjects?
{DuH}? {qIt}?, as in

     "It is impossible to cause a Vulcan to be passionate"
         ? vulqangan nongmoH(lu'?)meH qItbe'.
         ? qItbe' vulqangan nongmoH(lu')meH Qu'.
         ? vulqangan nongmoHlaH pagh. qItbe'.

jImujchugh, HIchuH!
If I'm wrong, enlighten me!


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