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Re: aspect

From: "Andrew Strader" <>
> >I have several uses of taH as "still".
> It would have been nice if you could have posted these uses. :)

I seem to remember /-taH/ translated as "still," but I can't find any canon
sources of it (not that I put a great deal of effort into it).

However, I did find one related line from TKW 147:

narghbe'chugh SuvwI' qa' taH may'.
If the warrior's spirit has not escaped, the battle is still going on.

To tie it in with the whole topic of time context and aspect, notice that
there is no time mentioned anywhere.  This statement is totally
time-neutral.  And why not: what difference does it make when it takes

The line could be restated as

narghbe'pu'chugh SuvwI' qa' taH may'

and be even closer to the English.

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