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Re: Vaj'Hom

Re: /-Hom/ and /-'a'/

There's a line from "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a
Mountain," spoken by Colm Meany in fact: "Do we call a short man a boy or a
small dog a cat?  No!"

Adding /-Hom/ or /-'a'/ to a noun doesn't result in a modified noun, it
results in a different thing.  Sometimes that thing is a smaller version of
the first thing, but not necessarily.  What exactly it is depends on the
noun.  Unfortunately, we don't possess the Oxford Klingon Dictionary, which
would probably tell us every allowed noun/Hom/'a' combination and its
meaning.  Until then, we have to guess at what someone means when they add a
Type 1 suffix to form a new word.

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