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Re: klingon letters

> Huj ghItlhpat 'oghpu'bogh MO 'ach nIv pIqaD. tagha' 'oH vIlo'laHchu'.
> 'IHqu' 'ach vI'IHmoHmeH jIqeqtaH. pIqaD lulo'laH'a' latlh?
QIt vIlaDlaHchu'be'. vIlaDbejpu' 'ach pIjHa' pIqaD ghItlhmey chu' vItu' vaj not 
jIqeq 'ej QIt laHwIj vIDubHa'.

If you can get your hands on the banned book on Klingon martial arts, you'll 
find plenty of it there, scattered throughout, including an introduction I 
wrote. All but the introduction appear in both romanized and pIqaD writing 
systems. The intro appears only in pIqaD.

> va, Qo'noS QonoS much chelbe'lu'taH. Dach 'op chovnatlhmey jarvam 
> chovnatlh'e' je. ghorgh muchqa'lu'? muchqa'lu'DI' pIqaD wIv vIchupqu'.
> SKI: pIqaD is awesome. Make an option to allow viewing Qo'noS QonoS in
> pIqaD (if it ever gets resurrected!)
> -- 
> Andrew Strader

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