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RE: cha'DIch KLBC rI' BG

> -- choQaHpu' 'e' DanIDba'.  tlhoy jIDoy'ba'pu' 'ej pe'vIl jIjangpu'.
> -- I replied forcefully and obviously I was overly tired.  
> -- You obviously attempt to try that you helped me
> I think I'm close but I'm lost at the end, or the beginning, depending
> on your point of view :-)

You did a very good job at figuring out the phrases.  Sangqar already supplied 
a smoother version of the english for you.  But we need to work on connecting 
those phrases together.

Basic klingon sentence structure is Object-Verb-Subject.  To many beginners 
this seems to simply be the opposite of english; they think klingon writing is 
in reverse order of english.  But... only the basic structure within each 
sentence is 'reversed'.  /choQaHpu'/ is still the first sentence; /pe'vIl 
jIjangpu'/ is still the last sentence; in both languages.

>  jIDoy'ba'pu'
> I obviously am tired  (completed)       
>          The completed part, is that because he was tired and the act
> of being tired was in the past

In this particular situation it does occur in the past, but don't attach the 
idea of "past" with your thought process of -pu'/-ta'.  They are not "past 
tense".  These are aspect markers.
I'm still trying to decide if he used them as tense.
"I am completed being tired."
"I was completed being tired."
I think he should have left of the -pu'.

DloraH, BG

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