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Re: Re: cha'DIch KLBC rI'

jatlh "Sulu' wa'" <>:

>> nuqneH tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu'!
>> Hello Klingon language speakers!
>nuqneH does not mean "hello".  It is a question meaning "What do you

>Yes. I'm sorry I said anything at all, the controversy this has
>My understanding was, that although nuqneH means wdyw? it is the
closest thing >Klingon has
>to a greeting.
>What would you use in lieu of hello? rI' (hail) was my idea: even
though it is >hail as in
>frequency, I thought it might be a good compromise.
>I think Klingon really needs something along these lines.

(I know I m a bit late responding, sorry)

What about "qavan" when adressing a single person? I think it s quite
fitting to start a conversation - of course you ll have to be careful,
so that it does not "look" ironic.

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