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RE: cha'DIch KLBC rI'

> >> nuqneH tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu'!
> >> Hello Klingon language speakers!
> >
> >nuqneH does not mean "hello".  It is a question meaning "What do
> you want?".
> Yes. I'm sorry I said anything at all, the controversy this has started.
> My understanding was, that although nuqneH means wdyw? it is the
> closest thing Klingon has to a greeting.
> What would you use in lieu of hello? rI' (hail) was my idea: even
> though it is hail as in frequency, I thought it might be a good
> compromise.
> I think Klingon really needs something along these lines.

nuqneH IS the closest thing to a greeting, but it is not used the same way
humans greet eachother.  You don't say to introduce yourself; you don't say
it to get someone's attention.  You say it when you want to know what they
want.  You answer the telephone, you say nuqneH.  To a human this is a

> Right. My problem with learning new languages has always been
> trying to run before I can walk.

This is common.  Many beginners, a week after getting TKD, try to translate
some popular song or great piece of poetry.

> I suppose using two or three sentences rather than one might have
> been easier >>>:-)

Not just easier, but the norm.  We see Okrand doing this too.

> >Do you have KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)?
> No I don't. I have tried to get hold of it (today in fact), but
> apparently it is out of print, and Amazon don't have it either.
> I'll try a few other places.
> Having written that, it seems that Simon and Schuster have it on
> their website. Second update, amazon apparently do have it, but
> only if you know the ISBN :->

I heard TKW (The Klingon Way) was out of print, but I never heard of KGT
being out of print.

The Amazon on my screen says they have it.  Right now it's 20% off.
The ISBN is written right on the page for KGT.  Just search for "klingon".
(And while you're there you can buy MY book, ghIlghameS, the klingon
translation of, well... Gilgamesh.) has the books too.  Plus BN lists my book under "klingon".
(Amazon use to.  Don't know why it doesn't anymore.)

> >And for really improving your abilities... attend the annual qep'a'.
> Could be a bit difficult... is there one in the UK?

Last year it was held in Belgium.
There are several members in the UK.  Sometimes they try to get together.
Hopefully they'll see this message and contact you.

> >jabbI'IDmeylIj vIlaD 'e' vInID 'e' vItIv.  "I enjoy that I attempt that I
> >read your messages."  or a little smoother as "I enjoy attempting to read
> >your messages."
> All those <'e'>mey seem a little awkward, but OK.

There's only two.
I've always wondered why nID hasn't evolved into a suffix over the past
couple centuries.

> The problem is not knowing any Klingon speakers other than
> through the list.

We'll see if we can get you hooked up with those other UK members.

DloraH, BG

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