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RE: cha'DIch KLBC rI'

> Thanks for the explaination I was using CK not PK tape so then if I
> approach you I should say nothing.

If you have something to say, say it.  But don't say something if it's only 
purpose is to break the silence.

> So then in writing if I wanted to express a greeting How would I
> do it or would I just say jatlh followed by my name .

In terms of e-mail, the "from" tells me your name, the "subject" tells me what 
we're talking about; in the body, just start writing.  If the "from" is 
misleading (a different name is displayed or something) then you could tell 
your name, etc, so as to present the correct information.

If you truely are pleased to see someone you can certainly say so.  Humans tend 
to say such things to complete strangers.  How do you know you are pleased to 
meet this stranger?  Maybe they are about to ruin your day.

How's that phrase go?... speaking klingon doesn't force you to be rude; 
speaking Federation forces you to be wittering, vague, and indecisive.

> I also have a question for you my person that was
> correcting my postal lessons has aparently bombed out he corrected one
> and I sent him back what I had redone and I have been totally blown off.
> Do you know of any one who would be willing to correct my lessons for
> me. 

This is definately unfortunate.  Lawrence and I briefly mentioned this 
situation last week.
Give me a day or two; I WILL get back to you on this.

DloraH, BG

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