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nuq 'oH lung'e'?

sts wrote:
>>>  nuq 'oH lung'e'?
>>lung'a', not lung'e'.
>i wanted to know what a /lung/ is, so /nuq 'oH lung_'e'_/.

{lung}  *loong* ("type of lizardlike animal") KGT

   "Although {lung} is translated as 'lizard', it actually can refer to
    any animal of that general shape, such as a newt or salamander."
   (KCD audio)

   "The small eggs of the Tokvirian skink ({toqvIr lung}), however, are
    often eaten whole, shell and all, usually by the handful." (KGT 88)

   "... a {lung} is not really a dragon, but that is a close approximation"
   (KGT 49)

[N.B. joke: *lung* is (Mandarin?) Chinese for "dragon"!]

{Duran lung DIr} "Durani lizard skins" KCD

   "Served dried and thinly sliced. Discovered by a Klingon military unit
    stranded on Durani I for six months without supplies." (KCD)

Additional vocabulary to discuss {lungmey}: {ghISDen} "scales", {QIm} 
"egg", {pel'aQ} "shell", {tlhuQ} "tail".

>>I added the -'a' suffix.  It's not just a big lizard, it's a different
>>species, a major lizard, etc.
>>I know KGT p48,49 says:
>>"... Code names are the equivalent of Federation locutions such as "Operation
>>Cougar" and are therefore often translated in that pattern: targh Qu' 
>>("Operation Targ"), lung Qu' ("Operation Dragon"; a lung is not really a 
>>dragon, but that is a close
>>approximation), 'aqtu' Qu' ("Operation Aktuh")."
>>But I always add -'a' to differentiate it from plain ole "lizard".

*{lung'a'} has been used on this list for "great lizard", "dragon", 
"dinosaur", etc.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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