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Re: RE: KLBC: Paul Simon

>  >for example, when i write this e-mail, i write it continiously,
>{QIn DaghItlhlI'} would be used there (I think), because you write 
>it continously, but will end sooner or
>>can we say "street over troubled water"?
>>how do we say "street"/"road"/"path"/"way"?
>Some use {He} "course, route"
>But that's still nothing like "street" in the sense of a hard 
>surface on the floor following a course.
>(Ehm... He tlha'bogh rav let tIq?? :-)

*/Herav/ ??

>  >/'och/? /rav/? /chob/?
>maybe' the word {qach} "building, structure" can be used.
>chaq bIQtIq juSlu'meH / Suplu'meH qach 'oH.
>'ach DaH mu' vImughbe', vIDel neH.
>Perhaps it's a building to pass / jump over the water.
>But that's not a translation, it's only a description.


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