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RE: Klingon Simming

If your game organizers insist on using a system which matches the
American Naval system, may I recommend a couple changes for you to pass
on to your game organizers.

SoghHom - Lt. J.G.
Sogh'a' or la'Hom - Lt. Cmdr.


From: damian gunjak [] 
here is the klingon rankin.
mangHom (cadet)
ne' (Yeoman)
lagh (Ensign) 
sogh (lieutenant)
soghla' (Lt. Cmdr) - that would be me 
la' (commander)
HoD (captain)
'ech  (Brigadier) 
'totlh (Commodore)
Sa' (General) 
'aj (admiral)
la'quj (Supreme Commander) 

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