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RE: Klingon Simming - ranking (second try to send the email off)

well here is the think with setting. 

I simm at bravofleet.  (
It has over 900 players, which is not bad,
unfortunatly most of them are doing federation. out of
the 100 ships only 4 are active (Simmming) klingon

the 4 ships are in 3 different task forces and
needless to say we are to few to spread out to matter
that they would actually consider changing the rulles.

Now me and another CO of a klingon ship are working on
pulling all ships together and doing some things that
are rather unusual.

Forexample we have a house regirsty page...where all
the players who play can register, this is so that we
can develop the aspect of house politics, something
that federation lacks. 

Also we are working on a klingon korps, meaning that
we want to develop more original rules that would be
applied to klingons. 

The biggest problem however is that there are so few
of us. 

There are only 4 ships with some 4 dozen players, and
while that is a lot, it does get to be little when you
look at the big picture. 

Now the reason i am tell you all of this is, A to tell
you that they probably wont like that suggestion and B
that i need more players. 

I am sending this to you guys because i believe that
if i were lucky to recruit even just on or two of you

I would enrich the athmosphere of my simming. Also i
subscribed to this list so that i could introduce more
klingon language to the gaming aspect. Usualy its
words and phrases, mostly translated later on. 

So much for tonight. 

--- "Dr. Jeremy DM Cowan" <> wrote:
> If your game organizers insist on using a system
> which matches the
> American Naval system, may I recommend a couple
> changes for you to pass
> on to your game organizers.
> SoghHom - Lt. J.G.
> Sogh'a' or la'Hom - Lt. Cmdr.
> janSIy
> From: damian gunjak [] 
> here is the klingon rankin.
> mangHom (cadet)
> ne' (Yeoman)
> lagh (Ensign) 
> sogh (lieutenant)
> soghla' (Lt. Cmdr) - that would be me 
> la' (commander)
> HoD (captain)
> 'ech  (Brigadier) 
> 'totlh (Commodore)
> Sa' (General) 
> 'aj (admiral)
> la'quj (Supreme Commander) 

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