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Re: Ten Commandments

Stephan Schneider wrote:
> >>   ghob tIvnISbe'lu'
> >>   One need not enjoy virtue. TKW
> >
> > but wouldn't that mean "one doesn't have to enjoy virtue?"
> > "One need not enjoy virtue" would be "ghob tIvbe'nISlu'".

DloraH, BG:
>The problem here is the english.  The klingon is correct.

Cf. Okrand's commentary on this proverb {vIttlhegh} in "The Klingon Way" 

    The Klingon construction {tIvnISbe'} means "does not need to enjoy";
    {tIvbe'nIS} would mean {needs to not enjoy}, an utterly different

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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