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Re: Ten Commandments

From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>

> >My grasp of the grammatical
> >implications of Biblical Hebrew isn't strong enough to be able to state
> >that the lack of imperative in the original deserves to be mirrored in a
> >Klingon translation, [...]

> As for using an imperative, I think we have no real choice.  The
> force of the statement is definitely a command.  Since Klingon lacks a
> future tense, we must indicate somehow that the listener is being

Umm, I don't know anything about the original Hebrew, but doesn't the word
"Commandments" kind of imply . . . I don't know . . . "commands"?  At least
in the Klingon version, I'm sure that would be okay . . . .


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