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Re: Unsubscribe me -please-!!!

On Wednesday 24 July 2002 06:33, Alan Anderson wrote:
> Earlier today, an apparently well-meaning person posted some confusing
> instructions for unsubscribing.  Pay no attention to them; they don't give
> sufficient detail for anyone to follow them well enough to work.

What I did actually sent a request to ezmlm directly, which is the mailinglist 
software a request to unsubscribe that user, generating a confirmation 
message from the list software as if the user had sent e-mail to themselves.

My message was intended to be informational, not a set of instructions. 
> The FAQ is *excellent* at telling what to do in order to unsubscribe, what
> to do if the prescribed procedure fails, and especially what *not* to do.

From my experience, people don't read FAQs. Especially not those users who 
start to get aggressive.

Helping them a hand by sending the request for me so they only have to reply 
to the confirmation message of ezmlm is not a bad thing. It's a small effort 
and not doing so might actually cause the frustrated user to spam the lists 
with yelling. I've seen those users send thousands of messages to 
mailinglists just to get the proper attention to be removed.

Since the person in question complained about the list administrator being 
inresponsive, I tried to help indeed. Perhaps it would help if the list 
signature could append it this URL to messages, some users might pick up that 

My apologies for this thread and causing any inconvenience. I guess software 
developers like me *do* speak technobabble.

Rob Kaper     | Gimme some love, gimme some skin, | if we ain't got that then we ain't got much | and we ain't got nothing, nothing! -- "Nothing" by A

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